Texas Incentives for Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

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Electric vehicles (EVs) aren’t just a passing trend. Texas, known for its big skies and larger-than-life attitude, is emerging as a big player in the clean transportation revolution.

What rebates and incentives are available for Electric Vehicle charger installation in the Lone Star State? Whether you’re an eco-friendly advocate from way back or just beginning your journey into sustainable living, understanding these incentives is key to making informed decisions. Let’s wrangle up the details of rebates and incentives for EV charger installations in the heart of Texas. 

What is Green Transportation?


Green transportation encompasses any means of transport that significantly reduces environmental impact compared to conventional methods. This includes electric vehicles (EVs), which produce zero emissions at the point of use. 

Opting for EVs and supporting infrastructure like charging stations reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to cleaner air and a more sustainable lifestyle.

What Should a Texan Considering an EV Know?

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If you’re a Texan pondering the switch to an electric vehicle (EV), there’s much to be excited about! Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of going green.

Texas Is EV-Friendly


Texas’ broad landscapes are increasingly EV-friendly, with a growing network of charging stations, making road trips worry-free. 

You Can Take Advantage of Incentives


Keep an eye on the state-specific incentives that can significantly lower the upfront costs of your EV. Understanding the electricity rates and peak charging times can also optimize your expenses. 

You Can Benefit from Solar Panels


EVs in Texas can be powered by the sun, creating a perfect synergy with home solar panel installations. 

Options for Charging Your Electric Vehicle

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Transitioning to an EV in Texas brings the question of charging – how, where, and when? Fortunately, EV owners have multiple options, making the switch convenient and flexible. Check out some of the options below. 

Home Charging Stations Level 1 Charging

This option uses a standard household outlet (120V). It’s the most accessible but slowest charging option. It typically adds about 3 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging. Perfect for overnight charging or if you drive minimal distances daily.

Then we have …

Level 2 Charging


These chargers require a 240V outlet (similar to what your washer or dryer might use) and can charge an EV much faster – typically about 10 to 60 miles of range per hour. Homeowners often install these stations for a quicker, more efficient charging experience. 

For a match made in clean energy heaven, use:

Solar-Powered Charging


By charging your EV with solar power, you’re driving on the purest form of renewable energy, drastically reducing your carbon footprint and dependence on the grid.

Solergy can assist in setting up a solar-powered charging infrastructure at your home.

Sometimes folks need to charge their EVs on the go or during a trip. Public charging stations fill the bill in these situations. 

Public Charging Stations

  • On-the-Go Charging. These stations often offer Level 2 charging, and some locations provide DC Fast Chargers, which can charge most EV batteries to 80% in about 30 minutes. Apps like PlugShare or ChargePoint can help you locate these charging points. 
  • Charging at Work. More Texas employers are installing EV chargers. These are typically Level 2 chargers, offering a convenient way to top up your battery while you work. It’s worth checking with your employer about the availability and policies of workplace charging facilities.

Remember, the investment in EV infrastructure is increasing, making charging options more convenient and widespread across Texas. 

How Do EV Tax Credits Work?


EV tax credits are designed to make purchasing an electric vehicle more affordable. 

When you buy an electric vehicle, you may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $7500,  which directly reduces the amount of tax you owe. Unlike deductions, which reduce your taxable income, credits subtract from your tax bill, making a more substantial impact on your finances.

What are the EV Incentives in Texas?


Texas offers enticing incentives for EV owners that make ownership more affordable and encourage a shift to cleaner transportation. 

Texas Residential EV Charging Incentive Program


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has rolled out an initiative to make it easier for homeowners to charge their EVs at home. The Texas Residential EV Charging Incentive Program offers a rebate of up to 50% of the cost of purchasing and installing an EV charging station, with a mandatory professional electrician installation. 

Note, however, that this is exclusive to homes in areas served by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) utilities, and availability depends on funding.

Texas Clean Vehicle Rebate Program


Another incentive for Texas EV adopters is the Texas Clean Vehicle Rebate Program. Qualifying Texans can receive up to $2,500 in rebates for buying or leasing an electric vehicle. 

This program sweetens the deal with additional perks like reduced home charging costs and a growing network of statewide EV charging stations. Plus, it supports the electrification of school buses, paving the way for a cleaner future for our kids.

Benefits Texans Enjoy by Switching to EVs


Switching to an EV offers benefits beyond environmental responsibility, rebates, and tax credits. 

Economic Efficiency


EVs typically have lower operating and maintenance costs compared to their gasoline counterparts. This means fewer trips to the service station and more savings in your pocket. In addition, electric cars, with fewer moving parts, require less frequent maintenance, and the cost of electricity for charging generally undercuts the price of gasoline.

Energy Independence


Texans can enjoy a greater degree of energy independence by driving an EV. With the state’s abundant solar resources, homeowners can power their vehicles with solar energy, especially when combined with residential solar panel systems.



With the global automotive industry steadily pivoting towards electrification, owning an EV puts Texans ahead of the curve. As more infrastructure and technologies develop around electric transportation, EV owners are well-positioned to leverage these advancements.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installations Create Sustainability

The rebates and incentives for EV charger installations are crucial steps towards a sustainable lifestyle. As a Texan, leveraging these incentives can lead you to enjoy a cleaner environment and contribute actively to a greener planet.

Partner with Solergy to Decrease Your Dependency on Fossil Fuels


Ready to electrify your ride and enjoy the benefits of green transportation? Connect with Solergy to explore how integrating solar energy with your EV can transform your environmental footprint and keep Texas beautiful for generations. Together, let’s drive into a cleaner, sustainable future!