Introducing the NEW RM 2400, 35-watts of cool solar power

Solatube Solar Powered Attic Fans.

The perfect solution when your house is TOO HOT.

Qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit, Call for Details!

What does it mean for you?

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Beat the Summer Heat

Remove Winter Mold and Moisture

A Solar Powered Attic Fan equalizes interior and exterior temperatures, safeguarding your home from the worst of winter.
Moisture in attic

Introducing the Roof Mount 2400 Solar Attic Fan.

When summer hits, you want a solution with serious power to vent the heat from your attic. The RM 2400 is our biggest attic fan ever, with an industry-leading 35-watt solar panel that generates maximum energy for major air movement.
rm2400 motor

Our Strongest Motor Yet.

The RM 2400’s new motor is an absolute beast. It can handle maximum wattage from the solar panel, better converting that power into higher fan speed, while running with ultra-low vibration and sound.

Meet the rest of one very cool family.

When you don’t need all of its massive power of the RM 2400 or need an internally mounted fan, we have the options you need.
Solar Star RM1500

Roof Mount 1500: Compact and Powerful

For smaller attics, open ceiling garages and even sheds, you may not need as much power. That’s where the RM 1500 comes in. With a 16-watt solar panel, it creates just the right amount of airflow for efficient venting of heat and moisture.

Interior Mount 1500: Works with Existing Attic Venting

Designed to mount inside your attic, the Solar Star Ventilation Fan IM 1500 converts passive gable, dormer, powered and whirlybird vents into an active, solar-powered venting system. The 16-watt solar panel sits discreetly on your roof to maintain your home’s curb appeal.
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SS 1500 roof whirlybird
SS 1500 roof dormer
ss 1500 roof internal mount

The right profile for the right roof.

Our attractive attic fans come in multiple profiles. The High Profile Roof Mount for locations with heavy snow loads. The Pitched Roof Mount for north-facing roofs when you need to improve exposure to the sun.

High Profile Roof Mount

This aerodynamic design is perfect for locations with heavy snow loads, heavy winds, and/or tropical storms/hurricanes. Meets Florida Building Code HVHZ (FL14826) as well as Texas Department of Insurance (RV-57).


Low Profile Roof Mount

This sleek, unobtrusive design is for most pitched roof applications. Meets Florida Building Code (FL10884) and Texas Department of Insurance (RV-57).


Pitched Roof

A great alternative for north-facing roofs when you need to improve exposure to the sun.


Tile Roof

Our proprietary designed flashing, integrates seamlessly with the tile roof structure, making the installation impervious to water.

thermal switch sized

Add the Thermal Switch – Temperature Controlled Attic Fans

Maximize your attic fan motor performance by adding our temperature controlled thermal switch, compatible with any attic fan model. This thermal switch ensures your attic fan operates efficiently, turning off when attic temperatures drop below 65°F (18°C) and automatically reactivating when temperatures rise to approximately 85°F (29°C). By installing this thermal switch on your attic fan, you can optimize energy usage, prolong motor life, and maintain a comfortable attic environment. Our universal thermal switch is designed for easy installation on all attic fan models, making it the perfect upgrade for your home’s ventilation system.

RM 1500 Add-On Panel – For boosting performance

When shadows limit sun exposure and minimize the performance of your Solar Star Ventilation Fan, supplement its operation with the RM 1500 Add-on Panel to ensure continuous operation throughout the day.
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Solar = Savings

Thanks to the solar components in Solatube Attic Fans, they qualify for a federal tax credit. So you not only save on air conditioning costs with an attic fan, but you’ll save on the products and installation too. Take advantage of the tax credit now, before it gets reduced at the end of the year!