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Solergy will help you choose the right solar panel system and installation to power your home or business. One that will meet your energy needs, and payment options that will fit your budget.

Solar energy systems panels
Hybrid System

Hybrid System

Keep your lights on, food fresh, and your family connected with Solergy’s Solar Hybrid System.

Our Solar Hybrid System offers limitless power and is a perfect fit for homeowners who want to create energy freedom. It has the ability to be Grid-Tie, Off-Grid, or Battery Back-Up.

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Hybrid System

Grid-Tie System

Power your home with solar panels when the sun is shining, and from the grid when the sun is down.

The advantage of a grid-tie system is that most utilities offer a net-metering program that allows you to export excess energy back to the grid for credits on your electricity bills.

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Solar panel installations

Not every roof is ideal for solar. Luckily, if you have the right space, there are plenty of other system designs that you can use for your solar panels. Solar pergolas, solar carports, and ground mount systems are a great solution for homes that don’t have ideal roofs or homeowners that are worried about curb appeal.

Solar Roof Mount
Solar Ground Mount
Solar Carport
Solar Pergola

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