Electric Bill With Solar Panels

How solar helps you save on electric bills

The cost of solar panels has been decreasing in recent years, which is another reason why they are becoming more popular among homeowners.

Solar panel systems help you save money by reducing your monthly electric bills. Although a $50 or $100 electric bill might not seem like much, it can add up over time and have a significant impact on your finances.

Existing Electric Bill 10 Year Cost 20 Year Cost 30 Year Cost
$50 $6,000 $12,000 $18,000
$100 $12,000 $24,000 $36,000
$150 $18,000 $36,000 $54,000
$200 $24,000 $48,000 $72,000
$250 $30,000 $60,000 $90,000

Solar panels are now more affordable than ever and they provide a great return on investment.

Solergy offers different plans to meet you homes energy needs and budget Solar Loan

Solar Loan

Solar loans are an excellent choice for homeowners who don’t have the money to purchase a system outright. A solar loan allows you to make low monthly payments on solar panel system and lock in a low solar rate for 25-years.

Solar Purchase

Solar purchases give you more control over your energy production and can also save you money in the long run. You’ll want to evaluate your unique financial situation before deciding whether or not this option is right for you.

FAQs about Solar

Will I still have an electric bill with solar?

Solar panel systems are a great way to reduce your monthly electric bill. You will still have an electric bill with solar. Even if you solar system is designed to offset 1000/o of your electricity use, as long as your meter is connected to the grid,your utility company will still send you a monthly bill. However, it is possible your bill will be $0 or negative if you export excess energy back to the grid. This also depends on your Net Metering plan.”

Will my solar loan be less than my electric bill?

In most cases,your monthly solar loan payment will be less than your electric bill. If you install a solar panel system with a $0-Down loan,you can start saving immediately.

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