Residential Solar

Without energy, our modern lifestyle would not exist

Our 21st century lifestyle is much more energy intensive. We have more appliances, electric vehicles, electronic toys, cell phones and more air conditioning as climate gets


Texas is the fastest-growing state in the country, as the population increases so does energy demand causing a strain on the Texas power grid, resulting in rolling blackouts across the state.

Solar brings stability, peace of mind, and keeps you in control of your own power supply.

Produce your power and use it too!

Powering your home with solar panels is smart, saving some of that excess energy for later? Even better. Our solar hybrid system combines solar power and battery storage to give you more of what you generate.


Create your own power


Manage rate increases and TOU Costs.


Reliable power when you need it most

When you own your power, you’re not just taking control of your future. You’re securing it.

Solar power is the future. It’s clean, it’s affordable, and it’s here to stay, that is why we’ve made it easy for homeowners in McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley to take their first steps toward energy independence with our solar hybrid system.

Control over your power

Your solar panels produce power during the day, and our hybrid system stores extra solar energy that your solar panels produce during the day for use during the evening, when rates are the highest. Our solar hybrid system combines solar power and battery storage to give you more of what you generate.

Power Everyday life

From essentials like heating, cooling, and lights, to daily necessities like cooking, laundry and entertainment, our lives run on electricity. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles are at great risk. Power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer.

Here are some of the benefits that come with installing a solar hybrid system:

  • You’ll never have to worry about unpredictable power outages or rising electricity costs again.
  • Your home will be able to keep its essential loads powered even when the grid goes down.
  • You can rest easy knowing that your home will always be protected from the unpredictable weather patterns that are becoming more common in our area.

Whether you’re a MVEC, AEP, PUB or Oncor customer, our solar hybrid system is a great option for homeowners whose priority is to keep their property running on back up solar power during a power outage or whose utility company have time of use rates, demand charges or does not offer a net metering policy, where they compensate you for the excess
energy sent back to the grid. The hybrid system has the flexibility to manage time of use electricity rates for maximum solar saving on electric bills. Solar panels are a smart investment. They provide clean energy that protects you from rising energy cost, while also reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment

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